Welded Security Fencing

Welded Security Fencing

Welded mesh fencing Malaysia is a welded-wire physical security perimeter barrier for a high-security level fence project. It is also known as wire mesh fence in Malaysia as it is consisting of wire strands that electrically welded together to form a high strength mesh.

Compared to the general welded fence, the welded mesh fence has higher rigidity, strength and security to resist harsh weather and has a longer service life. The surface treatment of the fence includes hot-dip galvanisation and PVC coating.

The welded mesh fence is mechanically sturdy and durable products which feature excellent performance, durability, anti-corrosion, which makes it ideal to meet all the visual and security purposes.

Now, welded wire security fence has been widely applied to prison, military, airport, residential areas, recreational places, public buildings, industrial facilities, schools, and playgrounds.

The rigid mesh system also has proven to be popular as it has been used predominantly as a high-security barrier where the visibility through the fence is desirable and necessary. Many of the wire mesh fencing suppliers in Malaysia supply it in the form of flat panel, Anti Climb & Cut (358 Prison Mesh), Rolled Top Profiled, V-Press Profiled (V-Crest), Double Wires, by strengthening the characteristic of the products and the requirements from customers.

Main Features of Welded Mesh Fencing:

  • Has extraordinary strength, rigidity, and does not deform or sag easily.
  • The galvanised fencing or PVC coating fencing enhance the weather resistance.
  • The panel shaped fence is jointed together efficiently and smoothly.
  • The service life of the welded fence is much longer than the general wire fence.



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