Manual Boom Gate

Boom gate or also known as barrier gate is a bar or pole to block the access of vehicle through a controlled point. Manual Boom Gate Malaysia are commonly seen to be installed in residential area security guard entrance post, parking facilities, or and checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. 

Boom gate Malaysia is designed as a safety barrier to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering restricted areas with raised loading docks and the elevated regions to avert fall accident off the ledge. The manual boom gate is recommended to have the boom locked in the downward position while the loading area is vacant and not in use.

When the area is operating, the boom gate can be easily released or lifted by one person with the support from the adjustable spring-assisted by the lifting mechanism. The boom also can effortlessly return to its original locked position to form a safety barrier. 

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The standard 4.5-metre rail also can be customised to any length and kits are available including boom, gate post and receiver post. Get the best boom gate price Malaysia from us and view more of our products that suit to your pedestrian and traffic segregation requirements.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Spring Assisted Lifting.
  • Help to Prevent Elevated Loading Dock Accidents.
  • Required Less Footprint for Vertical Lift.
  • Gate Bollards Protect Sensitive Roller Door Tracks.
  • Full Installation Service Available.


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