Roll Top & Bottom Fence

Global Perimeter Solutions is one of the leading providers of secure fencing in Malaysia since 2008. We are the top manufacturer welded security fences that vary from anti-climb fence to roll-top fencing in Malaysia and has penetrated into the domestic as well as international market.

Roll Top Fence also is known as BRC fence, which has a unique and user-friendly closed and rolled beam section at the top and bottom edge. Having no sharp protruding edges, that made from bulky 5 mm wires, giving it maximum rigidity and better safety.

The Main Features of Roll Top Fence Malaysia:

  • High Durability
  • High Deterrent
  • Anti-Rust & Anti-Corrosion
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Excellent Through Vision
  • Customisation Options
  • Aesthetic Appearance

We manufacture welded security fence that is mechanically sturdy which feature superior durability, performance, anti-corrosion and yet meeting all the visual purposes.

The unique rolled beam section at the top and at the bottom of the fence has no sharp or raw edges making it more user-friendly. The roll-top fence has been widely used in public and private properties areas such as school, playground, car park, and pedestrian zone. The mesh system of the fence provides excellent visibility which making it widely prevalent among the communities.


The roll-top fence panels typically are made from 150 x 50 mm welded mesh by using a 5.0 mm heavy-duty wire to obtain a peak level of strength and rigidity. Standard fence width is 2.4m, and standard fence height is 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, other heights are available upon the request. 

The height of the fences has usually been made into either 1.2 m or 2.4 m to achieve an ideal range of height. The panels are designed so they could be adding another extra 1.2 m stages. Thus, one or more panels are fitted above the bottom panel with the rolled beam sections are being clipped securely together


The post for roll top fence panels are manufactured from the hot-dip galvanised 60mm diameter x 1.9 mm or 65 x 65 mm square hollow steel section from stock to suit the fence heights from 1.2 m to 2.4 m.

The panels also are secured to the posts with stainless steel clips and 8.0 mm stainless steel fixings screwed into the threaded that inserted in the post. 


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