Sliding Gate

Sliding gates are specifically designed to provide adequate security and convenience that are safe, compact, smooth and silent in operation. The gate has better mobility where it can slide easily into the container when opening and out again when closing. The container also can be supplied with moveable fencing, CCTV and turnstile.

The automatic sliding gates not only enhance the security but also enable access, limited access, to a given area. The gate’s unique plug and play functionality mean you will have a dependable security solution that had been installed and working within hours. You can select the automatic access control system that works best for you and your site that suits your purpose.

The gates usually are made from the heavy-duty materials. In other words, you could rest assured as you have the ultimate security solution tailored to your requirements – you can choose the automatic access control system that works best for you and your site. Our systems use ‘state of the art’ products that combine high quality and reliability with a professional performance at a competitive price.

The container is equipped with an automatic gate that could control the opening and closing function automatically. The gate can be extended out from inside the metal container, and it ensures that the area is well-secured and demarcated. It is also possible to enable electronic entry via an access code or with mobile operation.


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