V-Pressed Fence

Global Perimeter Solutions manufactured V-Press Fence, which is an enhanced version of flat panel welded security fence. The fence is designed to strengthen the whole panel of the fence by creating a crest profile throughout the fence. It creates a high rigidity and provides an optimal protection fencing system for the end-user.

Moreover, V-Press Fence, also known as GLA Series, is comparable to BRC Fence with a wider-ranging of the specification. There are 2 “V” in the middle of the fence to strengthen the fence itself. The different of the wire diameter and wire spacing can lead to more competitive in price compared to the BRC Fence.


The V-Press Fence is Ideally used at condominiums, residential houses, walkways, highways, railways, airports, train stations & etc.

  • Anti-Rust & Corrosion
  • High Security & Durability
  • Certified to ISO 9001
  • Hot dipped galvanized & epoxy powder coated
  • Cut-to-size and special order are available.


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